Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Planet Orange


Planet Orange


Review: Planet orange is a world of money. Explore Planet Orange to learn all there is to know about earning, spending, saving and investing. This website tackles the finance education (which is often considered boring) with fun and engaging activities. The website explains: Through their travels on Planet Orange, they will tackle topics from the value of money, to setting a budget, to building savings goals for the future. Amy and Cedric will serve as their tour guides as they rocket across all four continents—Mandarin Mountains, Tangy Town, Navel City and Orangeopolis. While the kids are taking a break from their mission, they can hang out at their space station. This serves as their home base where they can spend Obux (that’s outer space money!) on games, decorations and gear for their astronaut. If they run low on Obux, they can even do jobs to earn a little extra. Children must make wise decisions in buying things and should differentiate between want and need when spending their Obux money. Over all a very good place to start the financial education and teaching money management. There is no music which is good. Children will need to register to use this website and although registration is free, parents will need to provide their email address. Also check out the teachers section for many lesson plans classified by grade levels and which build on upon the website itself. There are also 2 activity books available for download which are quite full of worksheet like activities to teach money management.


Suitable for ages: 6-13

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