Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Dead Bird Mystery


Dead Bird Mystery


Review: Strange Dead Bird Mystery is a wonderful activity by University of Montana. According to the site “The online activity uses a mystery format and narrative structure to attract all students into solving science questions, even those who are not typically engaged by science. The science mystery is in the format of a second-person fictional narrative in a realistic setting. The reader is a character in the story, and makes decisions that influence the outcome of the story. The mystery gets students to think logically, to evaluate facts critically, and to pose and prove/disprove hypotheses -- without realizing they're doing it!” If you have more than one learner, group them together as a team to solve the mystery or you can let them compete against each other. This activity provides information about American wetland but you can still use it if you are living in another part of the world. If your learner likes the activity you can perhaps adopt it for your local habitat by trying to solve the mystery of “fallen leaf” or “buried rocks” or any “spotted birds” you may find on a walk. This activity is available in both flash and HTML versions and has no music.


Suitable for ages: 7-13

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