Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website–Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits


The Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits


Review: If you are looking for a resource to introduce the basics of an electric circuit to your child, look no further. An attractive design, and easy interface coupled with beginners basic information on electricity are the key features of The Blobz Guide To Electric Circuits. There are five sections in this site: What makes circuits work, Conductors and insulators, All about switches, Changing circuits and Circuit diagrams. Each section has a sort of lesson sharing info, an activity and a quiz to check understanding. After completing all five sections the learner can print a certificate with their name on it. A very good place to start your early elementary electricity unit or  for a quick review at the end of it. As with all studies, learning about electricity should be multi dimensional. So let your child use resources like this site and also provide him/her with basic components of a circuit. Letting him/her explore and experiment and make mistakes before introducing this site is a good idea.


Suitable for ages: 5-7 years.

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