Friday, February 4, 2011

Art Generator of February



While we are stewing here in South African summer, blogosphere is buzzing with tantalizing phrases like “snowed in”. So for those who are in southern hemisphere (and for those in northern as well) here is a super snowflaky site. Flurrious is a simple yet fun tool where you can make all sorts of snow flakes, save them and then make it snow (on screen) with your very own snowflake. A lot of fun and very easy. Choose one of the many funky tools, adjust color of the sky, brightness etc. of your flake and draw away by simply clicking and dragging. Even very young learners (or very old) can have a go. There is an option to make music with your snowflake, so make sure your children know not to use this feature. You can save your snow flake with your name and a personal message. Easy peasy!

Sneaking in Learning: Well with snowflakes learning isn’t much sneaky but a lot fun. Symmetry is the first thing that comes to mind so try these math with snowflake activities or learn some science with snowflakes.

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