Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Website - Owl Pellet Dissection


Owl Pellet Dissection


Review: Owl Pellet Dissection is a wonderful interactive by kidwings where you can virtually dissect an owl’s pellet and learn more about it. The activity comprises of information about pellets, and then actual dissection of pellets, and then matching the bones to a bone chart to learn which animal they belong to. Along the process children learn about the digestive system of birds, the skeletal system of rodents and other related information and at the end of activity can print out a certificate with their name on it. Browse around kidwings, where there are lots of other resources available. Kids can learn about the eggs, nests, skulls, feathers, beaks and feet of different birds. In teacher’s resource section there are further resources available like the food chain stack cards, bone charts and flight experiments. There is no music which is a definite plus. You can always use this resource to educate young learners about how birds are special, as Allaah Taala Himself ask us to ponder over birds in Quraan.


Suitable for ages: 5-12

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