Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Encyclopedia of Fiqh

I have launched a new blog, Encyclopedia of Fiqh. As the name tells, it is a place where I will be updating, insha Allaah, all the fiqhi rulings needed in day to day life. So what is the need of yet another site for fiqh, when already there are tons of websites and books available on Fiqh. The reason is ease of use. Unfortunately, living in the faster lane, many Muslims find the task of finding rules from heavy volumes daunting. To make the task of finding the rules and laws pertaining to any sphere of life easier, I have launched this site, where all the rules one may need would be just a couple of clicks away, Insha Allaah.


It is a big undertaking, and I ask Allaah Taala to grant me patience, time and energy to update this site regularly. Currently there are only the masaail or rules of wudhu available. But insha Allaah I would be updating this site on a regular basis. You can visit the Encyclopedia of Fiqh to know about the sources of fataawa and to find the email addresses and websites of authentic darul Iftaas from where you can ask your questions directly to a Mufti.

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