Friday, January 14, 2011

CSIRO Science by Email

CSIRO or The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation is Australia's national science agency. Their website is quite full of scientific articles and researches, and their magazine Double Helix and Scientrific look quite good (though available only in Australia). But what I want to share with you today is their Science by Email free newsletter. it is:

a weekly email newsletter featuring science news and activities.

Science by Email delivers the world's best science direct to your inbox. It contains:

  • the latest science news

  • fun activities and experiments

  • environmental insights

  • a quiz

  • SCOPE TV previews

  • the best science websites

  • occasional competitions

  • upcoming events.


The quiz, news and other stuff is also quite educating but I love their experiments and activities section the best. Every week you get to do a experiment with things commonly found in home and grocery store, topics varying from mechanics to light. Each experiment is simple to do and is followed by scientific explanation in easy to understand language. If your learner is interested in that topic, related learning links are also included. And best of all it is completely free. Do give this newsletter a try.

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