Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art Generator of January


Fancy some sand art? Sand art is not always building sand castles on a beach. It can be sand bottles or sand painting or it can be online sand painting. Thisissand is a pretty amusing and addictive online sand painter. Totally web based, you just click any where on the screen and a fist full of sand will drop on the bottom of screen. Double click and the sand will keep on falling and you can drag your mouse around to “paint” with it. Click “c” on your key board and you will get a color picker. Pretty easy to use. There is something satisfying about the sand falling and filling up the canvas of the screen. Use your imagination to create works of art, use different hues of blue to represent a rough stormy sea, use delicious shades of pink and gold for a rosy sun set, or just get some plain wild fun with it.

Sneaking in Learning: Children can practice descriptive writing by explaining how to use this site, a sort of walkthrough for younger siblings or grandma. Discuss how this sand and the way it is filling is similar to or different from real world sand. Explore what happens when the cursor is too close to the filling landscape or held too high. You can use this site as a warm up when teaching gravity. Or for once, leave all learning aside and just play with it! If your child is totally smitten with sand painting you can try doing it in real world. If you live in south Africa you can try these products as well.

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