Monday, November 1, 2010

Art Generator Of November



For artistically challenged people like me abstract art is a true life saver Open-mouthed smile. I mean when your kids can’t understand that the picture you have drawn is supposed to be an embodiment of grief wearing a veil of sadness and not a rotten fig, well you can always save your dignity by saying “It is abstract art!”. So I fall in love with Bomomo the first time I used it. It is an abstract art generator which is totally web based. You you can choose from twenty different brushes. Painting is an easy matter of clicking and dragging/drawing and beware! it is quite addictive. There is no other art generator or image editor like it and you simply have to try it to understand its potential. A perfect tool to exercise your creativity without bothering about rules of drawing. You can save the artwork in their gallery, download it to your computer for your very own digital art portfolio without signing up or giving your email address. Or you can join Bomomo Art Group on Flickr.


Sneak in learning: It is a fun way to refresh your mind when it starts feeling numb with _________ (fill in the gap with your least favorite subject). Kids can take turns using the same brush and compare their results. Discuss how drawing with these brushes is different than drawing with other linear brushes. Use the circle tool to draw different kinds of circles and rings and print out as a warm up for teaching diameters and radius. Children can practice descriptive writing by explaining what each brush does and what happens when you click and drag it. Children can practice Arabic by describing a picture in Arabic or writing a poem in English about it. Make your own book jackets/ CD cases. They can use this tool to make interesting backgrounds for their blogs, a poster to hang in their room or have some plain fun using it.

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