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Wednesday Weekly website – Physics Games

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Physics Games


Review: Physics Games is a collection of games, all based around the physical concepts like gravity, friction, levers, pulleys, electricity, etc. It is a true treasure trove for anything physics. Just roam around and find a game that suits your learning stage. Children must use logic and problem solving skills to reach the goals and the obstacles occur in the form of physical forces like gravity, friction etc. There are varied levels for each game and the levels get gradually tougher. My personal favorites are:


Magic Pen where you have to draw shapes and hinges with your pencil to make your ball roll and collect flags. In this game children will learn about forces, gravity, friction, slopes, levers, torques (rotating a force) etc.


Let it glow where you have to think carefully and remove the wooden blocks on such a way that the transmitters roll and connect with the bulbs/energy source. Children will learn the flow of electricity, problem solving skills etc.


Fantastic Contraptions where you have to create a contraption using your knowledge of physics, imagination and virtual wheels and rods to guide an object to the designated area. Pit your wits!


Zoo Transport where you have to arrange the heavy cargo boxes for zoo delivery on a zoo truck. Children practice problem solving skill and knowledge of physics to load and arrange the boxes and control the speed of the vehicle in such a way that they do not  topple over obstacles on the way, or slide off on slopes and survive the jolts.

There are many more. Some of them are though about destroying villages and destructive demolition. I don’t like to encourage games with destructive destruction so I would advise leaving those. Many games have music but you can either turn it off from within the game or simply keep your speakers off.

Suitable for ages: 5-80 yeas old.


  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Looks like this will be a great site for my 12 year old. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wa alaikumussalam

    I am glad you found it of benefit.

  3. As salaamu alaykum,

    Me again. I forgot I commented already. All my middle kids LOVE these games. My daughters loves the Zoo Transport. Thanks again.

  4. Yes my kids are also quite partial to zoo transport! thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate.



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