Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Writech Prompts



Writing prompts seem to work for many so I decided to give it a try. We downloaded a monthly prompts calendar from here and in the beginning my kids rather liked writing about a new thing everyday, but then the fun evaporated and it became a dull chore! I think the reason behind it was that bounding them to a topic everyday without giving them the chance to decide on the topic hampered their creativity and also the prompts provided in there were, frankly, quite boring and against their interests. There are many other writing prompts available on net but most revolve around fiction and many were Islamically un correct. I do not approve of much fiction and wanted to include some Islamic themed writing so I have decided to make our own weekly writing prompts but being us we had to have some technology thrown in the bargain, so there evolved the writech prompts. I will post the prompts every week, insha Allaah, on Muslim Kids Interactive blog for my kids as well as others who may want to give it a try. If your kids follow any prompt, please link to it in the comments below that prompt for others to get inspiration.

My kids responded to the first prompt quite eagerly and here are their individual writing works:

2nd graders writing

kindergartners writing

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