Monday, September 27, 2010

Techno Tools - Bubblr


 Bubblr is another neat site which makes writing fun. In this site you can quickly create your own comic strips by simply searching for pictures from Flickr using the Tag search and then adding a speech bubble and typing your own text in it. Very simple, very entertaining yet great to encourage writing. The finished strip can be shared by emailing to friends, posting it on the blog or even print. You can set up a daily write o’clock time and use resources like this to make writing fun and creative. Even on days when your reluctant writer is not feeling up to writing a full length essay or story, they will not object to writing a humorous thought bubble on the picture of a dog! (Today was a day like this for my 5 year old, she started with only one word in mind and ended up writing on three frames. Check out her strip below) Parental supervision is necessary since you have no control on the pictures that may appear as a result of search. (Personally I have never had a problem with tags like book, dog, cat etc)

Exemplary use:

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