Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Language Games



Just a quick sharing. Lakeshore Learning Store has many free resources on their website. Resources include lesson plans, games and activities, and printables like flash cards, your own customized word searches, award sheets and classroom decorations etc. What I want to share today is their free printable language games. There are three games available for different age groups and though these games are designed for a bigger group of children in a classroom setting, it can be customized for a homeschool setting. In original game every child has to hold one or more cards, to adapt it for homeschooling with one or two kids you can hide the cards in different places and the child can look for the correct one. The instructions and game cards are included in a pdf. Young children can practice the beginning sounds, older ones can practice differences between facts and opinions and parts of speech. A nice gap filler or warmer activity. Check out the other free resources as well as there are many more activities to aid writing and comprehension for example this excellent responding to literature pop up or the monthly writing prompt calendar.

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