Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Adventures Of The Agronauts


Adventures Of The Agronauts


Review: Adventures of the Agronauts is an excellent site for students to learn about the relationship between the sun, moon, and earth, and about plants, soil, heat, and light. The main focus is for users to determine if and how they can grow plants on the moon. This, of course, is a great activity for students to use and develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills. This site focuses on six areas as Agronaut Training Missions. Mission 1 (“What’s In Our Sky?”) covers information about the sun, stars, moon, and earth. The main focus is to learn about the similarities and differences among the sun, moon, and earth. Mission 2 (“The Root of the Matter”) covers plant parts and how they grow on earth. Mission 3 (“Stayin’ Alive: Part 1”) reviews soil and plants, soil on earth, and soil on the moon in order to demonstrate the importance of water, nutrients, and air in keeping plants alive. Mission 4 (“Stayin Alive: Part 2”) covers light, temperature, time, and room to grow, which are also critical in plant growth. Mission 5 (“Living Things in Space”) covers what happens to people and plants in a space environment and covers decision-making in terms of what plants to grow in space. Mission 6 (“Making the Plant Growth Chamber”) covers how to design a model chamber for growing plants in space. In addition to these missions, students also can participate in Rosy’s International Space Station Experiment. Since it is a whole (free science) curriculum with a space biology theme, you can incorporate it in your studies on a daily/weekly basis. In teacher’s resources section, you will find many hands on activities to go with the interactive and some ideas on taking the learning further. There is a lot of reading to be done though, so you can print out the whole curriculum or parts of it if you like. You may need a few other activities to make this curriculum more fun.


Suitable for ages: 6-9

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