Monday, July 26, 2010

3D Letters

image3D letters are lots of fun! Print out the templates for free from here, grab a scissor and some glue and spend that rainy stormy afternoon making these fun letters. Print them on colored card stock to make them more lively and durable or try coloring in them like artist Debbie Neale’s style like this ….


Whatever you do you can actually sneak in lots of literacy in it. Young learners can write their names in 3D, high frequency words can be practiced, sight words can be made more interesting, or add a special touch to any creative/imaginative play. If the rain outside is veryyyyyyyy persistent, you can make more than one set or make more vowels and high frequency letters and try making bigger, more difficult words.

A techy note for mums, these lay outs are actually fonts. To use them, download them to any location for example your desktop. Open your control panel (for windows 7 go to start then click control panel), go to Appearance and personalization, then click fonts. A window will open up showing all the fonts installed on your system. Open the folder where you saved your downloaded font and drag the file into fonts folder. Close all windows. Now you can find this font in drop list of any software installed on your computer like Word, Power Point, Photoshop etc. Use the software of your choice and select this font. Type away the letters you want to print, adjust size and printer settings and there you go! Make sure to print them quite big, like 2-3 letters on an A4 size sheet, otherwise they would be too small to cut and fold properly. These fonts will stay on your system and next time all you have to do is just type them and print. I hope this explanation wouldn’t scare you off, as its not as difficult as it sounds and the resulting fun is worth it.

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