Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Shape It Up


Shape It Up


Review: Shape It Up provides students with the opportunity to experience how mountains, rivers, and canyons were formed. In this activity, students are presented with two images: one is a picture of a landscape as it currently is and the second is an image of the same landscape as it could be in the future—or their goal. The students' job is to choose the force of nature they think is needed to get to the goal and then choose the length of time they think it will take to get to that goal. If they make a wrong choice, the game will let them know and they get to choose again. The "Learn More" button provides students with more information about the forces of nature involved: volcanoes, water, glaciers (ice), and wind.
This interactive resource can be used to stimulate interest in units on the processes that shape the earth. It is designed so that students can observe and explore how these forces of nature can shape and reshape the earth. There is no music, a definite plus! Explore rest of the Kinetic City website, which is packed full of interesting games and resources.


Suitable for ages: 5-10 years

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