Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website – Exploring The Secret Life Of Trees


Exploring The Secret Life Of Trees


Review: Exploring the secret life of trees is an interactive activity designed to help learners gain an appreciation of trees, observe trees in their everyday lives, and develop an interest in discovering more about trees. The activity starts with explaining the root system, goes on to explain the different parts of the trunk, tells about the four seasons for a tree, and why tress are important for humans. If your child already knows about basic tree/plant parts, and now you want to go in a bit more detail and want to introduce parts like xylem, root hairs and leaf scars, this activity is good for you! There is no music which is definitely a plus point and in the teacher’s area you will find lots of additional teaching ideas and activities to take the learning further and give it a more hands on flavor!

Suitable for ages: 6-10 years old



  1. Leaf interesting.

  2. "some leaf scars have real personalities!" i really liked this sentence from the activity!
    happy exploring C!!


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