Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website - Kerpoof


Kerpoof Spell a Picture


Review: A brightly coloured and engaging user interface, and funny pictures make Kerpoof Spell a Picture very attractive for young learners. Basically you just choose a background (5 backgrounds currently available) and then you just type (or click) the letters until the picture of the word you are writing appears on screen. A very good site to practice those boooooooring spellings and sight words. Can also be used as story starters or for plain fun. Word list is small though and only suitable for early years learners. You can print out the created scene with a list of words learned. Don’t forget to go for the pictures of unanimated objects only, if you intend to print.


Suitable for ages: 3-6 (or may be 4-7)


  1. Assalaamu 'alaykum

    My child and I just finished stocking the resturant with all sorts of food! My child enjoys spelling and this site makes it fun.

    Shukran for posting about this site.

    The rest of your site is fantastic, MashaAllah! May Allh reward you for sharing the wonderful ways in which web based resources can be used to support learning!


  2. Jazakillah sister Saara for the feedback, it really motivates me more when I know that my humble work is of any benefit to anyone. May Allaah accept me,you and all aamin


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