Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Website - Grammaropolis




Review: Grammaropolis is a fun, interactive website where parts of the speech are personified. Each part of speech has a unique personality depending on the role it play in a sentence, like adverbs are “bossy” and nouns are very “neat and precise”. These personified parts of speech interact with each other the way parts of speech (in dull grammar) interact with each other. Watching parts of speech as a character, with their human qualities and characteristics is a great aid for any visual learner in grasping the concept of grammar. With a colourful interface, this site is fun to explore. The videos contain music though so keep the speakers turned off (you would still be able to get the benefit). Printing out the character cards can imagebe one way to integrate them with daily study. (I like to disfigure the faces of the characters in a print version with a colour pen, so it don’t fall in the category of keeping pictures of animated objects in house) There are also a few games available to reinforce the learning.


Suitable for ages: 7-10

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