Friday, February 12, 2010

Techno Tools - Animoto

The motto for Animoto is “the end of slideshows” and that pretty much describes it. Animoto lets you create movies from your pictures, adding transition effects and animation on its own. You can add your text in between pictures. The tool is pretty powerful especially for younger children. However there are one or two things to take in consideration while using this tool. First is that Animoto does not work without sound files. Its music library is its most celebrated feature, which is of course of no use for us Muslims. Rather its a drawback. I tried making videos without sound at all, but Animoto doesn’t work without sound. But the good thing is that you can upload your own sound files. So be sure you have some good sound effects or anasheed without music handy when working on a project on Animoto. Secondly user has no control over animations so while good for a quick project, it has its limitations.


Animoto is a charged service, but it gives free access for educational purpose. So before you sign up go to Animoto education and apply for a free account.

Exemplary uses:

Check out our Animoto video on “The Two kinds of Camels”  from here.

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