Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Literacy embedded with Arts

Recently I downloaded an eBook called “Gobolinks” from Homeschool freebie of the day (The Homeschool Freebie of the Day is a website, which gives away, as the name tells, one free resource everyday which is normally not available for free on net.  To keep track of the freebies one may join their mailing list. The resources include free eBooks, lesson plans, audios and other things. Though some of the resources I have found useful, I cant say that all resources are good. Some of them are not suitable being Muslims, and some are way too ordinary, but still its a good site and I would recommend joining their mailing list from where you can decide if any of the coming week’s resources are of any use to you.) Its an old book, where the authors have made ink blot paintings and written rhymes about the resulting picture.


It gave me ideas to incorporate painting with literacy. We just finished painting several “Paint blot” paintings and are still thinking silly poems to write about them.


Also check out these two sites for creating shape poems

Shape Poems
Concrete Poetry

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