Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Memorization Chart

We recently bought this sticker chart for memorization of Juzz Amma, my kids like the idea. You can buy them from Cii stores in Lenasia, Johannesburg or alternatively buy online from here

This is what it looks like


We also have the following progress sheet for each day of working for memorization. I like to give rewards on working for a number of days rather than on completing the sura, as memorizing Quraan is from Allaah but putting effort is in our hands, and i like to reward for things that are in our control. You can download the progress/reward sheet from here. It is in MS Word format so you can customize it easily.

Here is what it looks like



  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    Sorry this doesn't go with this post, but I couldn't find the post I was looking for.

    I think you had a unit on Jealousy/Envy? I wanted to link to that from my TJ site. Can you give me the link? I thought the activities were really good, ma sha Allah.

    Do you have a search feature on your blog, I couldn't seem to find one.

  2. Walaikumussalam

    yes I have a search feature on the side bar just below the "about blog and blogger" section. And here is the post you were looking for http://homeschool4muslims.blogspot.com/2010/10/game-and-unit-on-hasad.html Jazakillah sister for linking to it and I am glad that it may prove beneficial!



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