Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interactive Timelines

I like integrating technology with other subjects to make them fun and interesting to learn. One of the tools i like alot especially in teaching history is making timelines. Presenting events with order and method can have a great advantage in remembering them. To give you a good idea how to go about integrating technology plus timelines with other subjects, here is an outline of our history project.

I started with introducing the idea of timelines to children. We drew simple ones on paper, about a day in their life, about the life of an animal they like. We made our simple timelines from here and here.

Once the kids were comfortable with the idea of timelines, we started on a project about life of Prophet Muhammad (saw). We read about His (saw) life from Tasheelut Tareekh series (easy history books for kids) and we took some aid from Tareekhul Islam by Shah Mooin ud deen Nadwi  and Seerat un Nabi by Syed Suleman Nadwi.

After revising the event discussed that day, we started making our timeline from dipity, we added pictures of locations mentioned, added maps of the locations by google, and added a nice nasheed about Makkah from youtube.

Here is our timeline, (which we will update as we progress with our history, Inshallah)


We are also planning on starting a separate timeline about various Ambiyaa (AS), to help us in remembering the order in which they came, and a brief intro of the people they were sent to, INSHALLAH

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