Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Weekly Website - PHUN 2D Physics Sandbox


PHUN 2D Physics Sandbox

REVIEW: Have you got a budding physicst in your home? Or you want your Run-its-physics-time-again kid to take an interest in the amazing world of physics? Whatever your situation is, PHUN is the one  for you. A highly addictive resource (can be addictive for you too, even if you dont like physics, atleast i sometimes use my MOMMY voice to have a turn!) There are tons of things you can do and lessons you can teach using it. And the best thing is that children wont feel like they are being taught rules of gravity or air friction!

Just click on the above link, open the downloads tab, and scroll down to find the free beta version. If you have some money to spare, i would advise buying the new "Algodoo" version. If you dont want to put money in it now, atleast download the demo version as it comes with a very good selection of lessons that can be taught using this software. These lessons are workable in the free beta version as well.

SUITABLE FOR AGES:  4 yrs onwards.

watch the video below (pls hit the mute button as it contains music) to get an idea of what PHUN is.

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