Sunday, January 18, 2009

Card Skeleton


Starting with measurements, children are given different things to measure. The young children can measure in self appointed units, like “how many pencils will make a line as long as this table?” For older children you can start introducing metric measures, like meters and centimeters. They estimate the sizes of different objects and then check by measuring if they are correct. Further activities encourage them to choose the appropriate measuring equipment, eg they measure the length of their arms, books, tables, floor etc with rulers, and circumference of their wrists and heads with tape measures.

Then we start recording the measurement of their heights, arm length, legs, and circumference of head and waists. And start with everyones very own skeleton. Either you draw the lines on a white chart paper and cut it out, stick it on a black chart paper, or you can always use old magazines and newspaper to make a fun version. Label the major parts and here we go!

PS: Being muslims we avoid manking the exact faces of living things, so i would advise leaving out eyes etc, and just make a round outline for the shape of skull.

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