Friday, May 4, 2018

Shift Click Edtech Magazine

I started this blog in January 2009 and continued writing in it till December 2013. What started as a small place to share fun resources I was using in homeschooling my kids grew into a passion.

Although I stopped writing on this blog, but I didn't abandon it. Rather it morphed into something bigger.

First, it changed into Learning for Round Pegs. As our family evolved from interest led homeschoolers to not-so-radical unschoolers, and as we moved away from worksheets and chocolate coated broccoli a.k.a. digital and gamified worksheets, I wanted to start a new place where I could share stuff which wasn't just school at home.

But I wasn't satisfied. When I had started this blog few people used computers in their homeschooling but as the technology around us became more and more a part of our daily lives, everyone was getting very tech savvy. Which is great but from my blog's point of view, spending time blogging about resources which everyone could find by a simple Google search didn't seem worth it. So I quit blogging altogether just a few months after Learning for Round Pegs started.

In January 2017 when I was in the middle of learning computer programming myself, I realized that there is a whole culture of autodidacts or self taught people out there in the adult world. There are more resources targeted towards adults who want to teach themselves something new than anyone can consume, but when it comes to kids or even teens we expect an adult to be in charge of their learning, be it a teacher or a parent. We expect them to follow instructions, and wait for others to tell them what they should learn.

So in an effort to extend this culture of autodidacts to kids, especially teens, I launched Shift Click Educational Technology magazine. A first of its kind magazine, which shares resources for self- learners of all ages, focusing on subjects like Computer Science, Programming, Design, Media Literacy, Collaboration, Trans-media writing etc. Subjects which are not being taught in main stream educational institutes and homeschooling curricula but which are so important in this ever changing world of ours.

This magazine is completely free for everyone, it can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF.

Although more than one year has passed to its launch, I have been able to publish only one issue so far. I am looking forward to publishing the next one quite soon, but the life of an unschooling mother of three who is also studying herself and working from home can be quite crazy.

I invite you all to have a look at my magazine. Read it and let me know what you think about it.

As for this blog, it will stay here as long as Google allows. I look at it like a fond mother looking back at the picture of her baby and feeling proud at how much the baby has grown.

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